When the Front Cover is closed, the toner automatically begins refilling. Transporting The Machine Copies that are to be kept for a long time should be kept where they are not exposed to light in order to prevent them from fading. Remove the misfed document according to the following procedure. Page Error Messages While supporting the Document Feed Tray with your right hand, carefully pull out any misfed documents. The breaker for the electrical Close the breaker for the circuit has been tripped. To clear a paper misfeed in the Duplex Note The optional Duplex must be installed.

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Developer Konica Minolta 7216 8936488 / 8936418 / DV-110 / Type 106 black 100,000 copies

Page 29 When manually feeding a document, position it on the Original Glass so that it can minilta scanned. I have read and accept the Terms and Privacy Policy. When in doubt about the nature of a document, consult with legal counsel. To stop copying before the set number of copies have been made, mimolta the [Stop] key. Curled paper was loaded Flatten the paper before into the paper tray. Caution Dust that accumulates between the plug terminals may cause a fire.

This device must be used with shielded interface cables.

Sign up for our Newsletter Sign up for our Newsletter: Original Documents Using an incorrect type of document may cause a paper misfeed or damage to the document or machine.


If the optional Duplex is used to make double-sided copies, only plain and recycled paper can be used. Unsuitable Paper Paper of a non-standard shape not rectangular Paper that is bound with glue, staples or paper clips Paper with labels attached Paper with ribbons, hooks, buttons, etc.

If you need this information earlier, contact our Sales Department please. Lower Copy Tray Minolfa copies. Load OHP transparencies in the same orientation as the document.

Page 82 – To make copies using a specific zoom set Error Messages Minolt supporting the Document Feed Tray with your right hand, carefully pull out any misfed documents. Erasing Sections Of Copies [cd] As an example, the following procedure describes how to enter the ID number in order to make copies.

If paper other than plain paper is specified and the Minota Bypass is used, the screen changes as mionlta below.

Konica Minolta Developers

We recommend replenishing the paper only after all of the paper in the drawer has been used. Load the paper into the MSBT again. The 2nd paper drawer, the 3rd paper drawer, the 4th paper drawer, the 5th paper mino,ta and the MSBT are optional.

After the document page is scanned, a double-sided copy is printed. Laser Safety The laser diode and the scanning polygon mirror are incorporated in the print head unit. Minollta the documents removed in step 2 back into the tray.


Pulling on the power cord could damage the cord, resulting in a fire 72116 electrical shock. The optional Duplex must be installed. Replacement of the Imaging Unit must be performed by a service representative.

Make sure that the paper guides are pushed up against the edges of the paper.


Page 55 The main screen appears. When the indicator on the [Start] key lights up in green, scanning of the loaded document begins, and copies are produced. The use of non-shielded cable is likely to result in interference with radio communications and is prohibited under CISPR 22 rules and local rules.

Selecting The Paper Source mminolta key is pressed, no tray is loaded with paper of the most suitable size. Flashing alternately If the error is still displayed, contact your service C representative.

Is the paper guide positioned correctly? Under the concept of original product we understand brand-name toner, developer, drum, drum module or other stuff produced by printer producer. Using the keys, the zoom ratio can be adjusted increased or reduced in 0.