LbServer V0 does not support this interface. Multiplexed outputs allow for direct drive of four 3 or 4 aspect signal heads mounted along a single 10 wire cable. In order to be useful with LbServer V0 you have to configure the interface to: Both reading and writing of description values is directly supported. Specializing in Affordable Electronics for Model Railroads.

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This hides the timing from the PC and makes it possible to use modern operating systems like Linux and Windows.

LocoNet over TCP – Interfaces between LocoNet and PC

Than it behaves similar to a LocoBuffer. Internal Logic Blocks with up to 32 conditional statements. It may also be used to simplify connections to the 10 wire ribbon cables for multiple input connections. Auxilary power is optically isolated from the logic inputs for double isolation.

LbServer V0 was designed for the original LocoBuffer. LED indicators for each relay make it easy to monitor activity. Ready, Power, Transmit, and Receive Small package size. Includes powerful internal Logic Elements. Made with quality in mind, this unit outperforms similar products.


It may be configured to test Common Anode or Common Cathode connections. Each signal mast may use as many lamps as required. LocoBuffer contains a processor that does all the physical layer stuff.

This high quality regulated switching power adapter powers any 12 Volt DC device up to ma. Single CT Current Transformer coil. PS-S universal switching power supply is included.

Includes drive for any combination of: Primitive level converter between RS and LocoNet. Searchlight Driver Board This 4 output board is specifically designed to direct drive four aspect signals utilizing single bi-polar or three wire LED’s and includes color balance controls for each of four signal heads mounted along a single 10 wire cable.

Locoguffer inputs and outputs for full speed error free data transmission. The ultimate loocobuffer for connection between LocoNet and PC. The consequent advancement of LocoBuffer to become a commercial product.

In order to be useful with LbServer V0 you have to configure the interface to: These are not available when used with older LocoNet based devices.

RR-CirKits staff will be spending the week with family. The CP version also includes dual turnout drivers.


Firmware Upgrades

The LED provides the three standard uwb signal colors and is wired the same as a normal three light signal head would be. It outputs logic levels, and has a RR-CirKits standard ribbon connector interface.

Also compatible with JMRI. Specializing in Affordable Electronics for Model Railroads. Quick release compression connectors simplify repeated connection of 18 and smaller wires. LbServer V1 works with this interface, but more testing is required. Terminator and CAN bus cable shown are not included Additional Power-Point units may be added as required by your system’s power requirements. Requires a powered LCC bus.

Let RR-CirKits keep your devices powered on and working great with our professional grade power supplies. Your best investment — Keep your system up and running through ground loops, spikes, and surges.

Boot Loader for user installable firmware upgrades.