The power consumption naturally climbs during load. Thus, the casing first dents slightly under higher pressure and only in a few places. L also offers higher-quality but still affordable business laptops. Please, switch off ad blockers. A bit more power would not have hurt. The device nevertheless leaves a surprising and absolutely satisfactory as well as ThinkPad typical robust quality impression , especially considering the very low price.

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Well-legible in the shade: It generally makes a fairly pale impression. It almost always requires the highest of the 15 adjustable brightness levels even indoors.

Although its name might suggest that it is a dedicated graphics card, it is a processor-integrated unit like Intel’s HD installed in the E However, it is generally noticed to a very visible extent. However, it will very likely find its fans after a while of familiarization.

Review Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E335 Notebook

The display’s mounting at the rear and the battery’s position between the hinges prevents installing interfaces there. The ThinkPad Edge E’s speakers, which extend over the laptop’s entire front, again belong to the broad average.


Even the minimum setting of We are used to more severely clattering and cheaper-looking keyboards in much higher-priced laptops. Headset jack, USB 2. Our test device consumed an average of a very low 8. However, the warranty can be upgraded to either 2 or 3 years including on-site service for a surcharge.

Review Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E Notebook – Reviews

Thus, it is not surprising that the Unigine Heaven 2. Nevertheless, the installed Seagate hard disk does a good job as a conventional HDD solution. We show the lenoovo amount of ads whenever possible. The rubber-coated display lid gives the laptop grip The practical gaming tests confirmed his impression. The E’s screen outdoors. The robust Edge E is well-suitable for basic business and Office use. ,enovo device nevertheless leaves a surprising and absolutely satisfactory as well as ThinkPad typical robust quality impressionespecially considering the very low price.

ThinkStation,ThinkStation C30,ModelG

L also offers higher-quality but still affordable business laptops. This is due to the battery, which is positioned between both display hinges at the rear. X-Rite i1 Pro 2. A recovery DVD is not included in the scope of delivery – which is logical since there is no corresponding drive.


The E lasted for It was very impressive in the ,enovo subjectively.

Consequently, Lenovo’s business laptop can be easily used on the lap. Again, technical excellence cannot be expected here. The touchpad’s surface area is a bit small and thus limits its user-friendliness to an extent.

Unlike the E model, the E is not powered by hardware components from the market leader, Intel. Lenovo’s ThinkPad Edge E pleases with the known 7g2 casing.

We were also surprised that the fan only reached an almost inaudible average of Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E A black value of 1. Various websites are visited automatically in medium brightness.

This explains why the fan, as described above, never speeds up.