Also test using a different device eg. I frequently use this deck to record live-to-tape multi-camera productions. I seem to recall some other threads on this deck but don’t recall which forum they were in. Sometimes, even though I believe my mixer is properly set – I get maxed out audio distortion yet the mixer never exceeds the yellow. Top 10 must-have features for media players Top 10 must-have features for media players by Ty Pendlebury. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. If there’s any compatibility problem with the JVC deck and Sony tape, it didn’t show up in several hours of operation.

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I hope no one regards this brief review as anything but a one-day mini-trial, as who knows how well firewife thing will run after I’ve driven it hard for awhile?

Answered 3 days ago. I set up a little 5-inch monitor to show a separate, analog output from the GV-D, so its time-code and data code could be viewed, as its tape was played.

20 Most Recent JVC HR-DVS3 Mini DV/S-VHS VCR Questions & Answers – Fixya

Then, I take good care direwire it and never allow anything to be put into it, if I don’t know everywhere it’s been. Perhaps someone else has some knowledge about this.

Port Washington NY Posts: I’ve had to have no repairs done to it. Thanks for taking the time to post your review.


Steve, if you’re still around and still using this deck I’m wondering what you have to say about it a few years later.

So how does it compare to dedicated 4K Blu-ray players? I seem to recall some other threads on this deck but don’t recall ur-dvs3 forum they were in.


Answered on Aug hr-cvs3, Unfortunately, like all VCRs Fitewire bought in the last 5 years, the tuner is not so good on weaker broadcast signals. This used a composite transfer, with no TBC. At this point, I am so pleased with its performance, that I’m feeling a bit uneasy. If you want to make it a system reset [Factory Reset]; you have to enter its service mode option, and select the factory reset option.

Blu-ray Players by Ty Pendlebury Jul 1, Posted 21 hours ago Be the first to answer.

I used both SP and LP and saw no hint of any glitch from either speed. The data code, embedded in the original Digital8 recording, showing the date, time and camera settings, couldn’t be called onscreen, when I played back the DV re-recording. May 25th, I just now received a tracking notice that my VX has finally been shipped, after the dealer who shall remain unnamed, unless he diddles around some more held up on sending it for 8 days, just to clear a cashier’s check I bought at my bank mistakingly thinking this would speed-up the process.


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May 29th, I frequently use this deck to record live-to-tape multi-camera productions. The stills taken from freezes were just as good as the ones I captured on the fly, from rolling ffirewire.

To make it a hard reset, just unplug the TV from AC mains wall socket, and re-plug it back after 15 minutes or so. The output from the DV recording deck went into my big monitor. I’ve also found the S-VHS unit gives a nice playback quality picture. DV Info Net refers all where-to-buy and where-to-rent questions exclusively jvf these trusted hr-dvvs3 line dealers and rental houses Len, my “sequel” will be delayed another week or so before its release date.

Always connect units to the same mains connection to help prevent this If its tape functions ever break down, I may have to keep it as a supplemental tuner, to feed the new decks on those weak channels. Posted on Dec 19, Be the first to answer. If you use cable or satellite for programming, you’d never notice a thing, as it would tune them just fine.