Face this direction for correct Azimuth and Polarization Orientation Fig. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a residential installation. SAT Allows for the Configuration of the target satellite and the satellite polarization offset. The FCC requires that a certified installer perform the installation. The user may change the password in this screen. Motor Status Displays the movement of the 3-axis motors: C-COM reserves the rights to immediately suspend without liability or previous notice the operation of the earth station upon detection of a deviation from its installation or operational requirements until the deviation is corrected.

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Automatic TX Disable If this checkbox is selected, the controller will automatically disable the transmitter if a reset is imetvu to the modem during transmission and communication between the controller and modem is re-established.

VSAT Antenna Controller / | Auto Deploy Antennas :: C-COM Satellite Systems

For a more detailed explanation of each menu, see the configuration section of this manual. C1 This menu allows for the configuration of the controller input settings as well as the platform type and serial number. Please be advised that disabling any of these limits should be done under the direct supervision of a c-com technical support representative. Mobile Software will compare the compass heading values read at each position, and determine if they differ by approximately 90?.


Language The multilingual feature allows the toggling between Four 5 languages and updates in real-time the selected language.

iNetVu Series Controller Manual – Rev _图文_百度文库

Save the file once the changes have been made. Slow blinking 1 sec. There are now links leading to these policies: Browse for the proper firmware.

The user may edit these values through this window, however any changes may result in failure to recognize the angle value. Competitor Location Prediction for Real. System Status Displays current system environment? Page 41 of 1 – Target satellite number 2 – Target Satellite Longitude and Hemisphere 3 – Target Satellite Antenna Elevation, Azimuth within reference to true north inetgu, and Polarization coordinates respectively.

Page 15 of 5. Increasing the size of the Search Window inefvu increase the ability to find the desired Satellite, although increasing the Search Window will lengthen the search time.

Mobile Software plays an integral role in connecting you and iNetVu? Thanks Eric, Your reply makes total sense.

INetVu 7000 Controller Manual

For inftvu that do not require a password, this field is irrelevant to the communication status between the modem and the controller and will not affect the communication establishment. Page 21 of 6.

There are currently two options: Azimuth Calibration Performs a complete Azimuth Calibration. The Status Panel is located at the bottom of the Basic Controls and Advanced Controls menus, and has a set of four and six message blocks, respectively.

Orbital Slot of Satellite?

Page 94 of AC – iNetVu? This method of searching could be used when the user is having a hard time finding the transponder data for a specific satellite, or if no transponder data exists. See appendix 3 for detail on default speed and current settings 3 – Search Window Azimuth Limit This value represents the inetvuu of degrees the antenna will search for satellite along the azimuth axis to the left and right of the calculated target antenna azimuth coordinate when searching for satellite.


Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.

If no password is required, this area should be left blank. Page of 20 Go. Cheikhali Web Interface Added 1. The installer must inform the end user that the vehicle must be inervu during the transmission, to prevent movement of the vehicle for any reason, including movement of persons on or off the vehicle, or high winds.

INetVu 7000 Series Instruction Manual

Azimuth Stow Limit has been reached. Mobile Platform will automatically stow the antenna should it experience extreme motion, such as severe shaking caused by poor weather conditions. This menu branch allows the user to configure the iNetVu?

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