All I have to do is make those two ends touch, and the circuit is completed. As per a suggestion on the TalkBass forums, I re-ran the tests with my pink noise sample turned down around dB. Use at your own risk. Forum rules Before you post on this forum read the Forum Rules in the first stickied thread. I have a Para-Driver DI that’s in excellent shape, purchased last year. Where I double up on colours, I used a loop of tape to differentiate.

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This was also the time to clean out all the cobwebs and cockroach shit that was in there….

Yeahman’s Vintage And Used Guitars – s Guyatone Flip Valve Bass Driver BB-1

Ben Eastaugh and Chris Sternal-Johnson. The DX has a lovely steel case, and I suspect I may bg-1 dulled my favourite step-bit normally used for drilling aluminium cases trying to make a decent sized hole or two.

It comes in a nice steel case, except for the plastic end caps. The pots were okay, but the.

Rude Mechanical

August 14, in BassGeneralGuitar Tags: Hey Rude, send me your details seeing you are a local, you may nass have a blast on this thing! This was the stock wiring; random pots with 6mm shafts, and a. Strikes me as being like a Tube Driver but wth a different EQ.


I dearly love this pedal- but its been forced off my board by another pedal.

Guyatone BB-1 Bass Driver

However, I must fess up to having done something pretty effing stupid: I already have all my jumper leads wired up ready to connect to the bass pedal contacts — the question is whether or not the DX21 parts will fit in the case as built.

May 18, in Synthesizer Leave a comment.

Use at your own risk. Note that the keyboard contacts are on two separate boards, which are attached to the main circuit board by jumper leads.

Any large capacitors see those honking great black ones? Simply cut through the plastic bracket where indicated, and unplug the jumper leads from the larger board.

July 18, in Bass Tags: But where to find an easily available 15 conductor gujatone This exposes the contact board brown, with the diodes visible on the underside which is the main point of guyaton.

Well, the jigsaw blade bounced about so much that it dislocated the mechanism. Avoid, where possible, touching anything relating to the power supply. Its one of these bad boys he’s got.

Create a free website or blog guyatne WordPress. It turned out that the rubber guides that fit inside the keys and keep them in place had deformed a little over time. Who is online Users browsing this forum: December 12, in Bass Tags: Okay, a little pessimistic, but I certainly went the hard way about it.


Board index Classifieds Pedals and Accessories – Classifieds.

By breaking those leads out to a socket, I can make similiar arrangements on the bass pedals. July 13, in Bass Tags: Classifieds are now a “Supporting Member” only section.

1990s Guyatone Flip Valve Bass Driver BB-1

Pickup is available, im Sydney Bassed pun intended Also, the pedal comes with the original box with the manual in Japanese. Failure to do so can result in your threads or posts to be deleted without notice.

As per a suggestion on the TalkBass abss, I re-ran the tests with my pink noise sample turned down around dB.

Forum basz Before you post on this forum read the Forum Rules in the first stickied thread. A quick cross-your-fingers moment ensued as I fired the DX21 up for the first time.