Barcodes were used as far back as when a group of students who did a project where they required customers to select their merchandise by removing the correct punch cards from the catalog that corresponded with the items that they wanted. Resin is a harder ink and transfers at a higher temperature which creates a label that can withstand exposure to water, sunlight, and many chemicals without fading, or deterioration. If you are unsure about choosing direct thermal or thermal transfer printing, your safe bet is to choose thermal transfer. Anyone can use this simple direct thermal barcode printer to make a variety of wristbands for their needs. These companies are proven to be capable of operating, installing, and supporting the Godex brand of barcode label printers in the end user environment before they become authorized as a Godex value-add reseller.

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It comes free with every GoDEX barcode printer. Getting the best products for the best prices has never been simpler than when you work with Godex International, a well-known name in the industry of peinter label and thermal printing solutions. This type of printing is simple, affordable and portable, and is commonly used on store receipts and tickets.

Only sheets of multiple labels can be printed in an ink jet. Barcode application software has to do with using barcodes inside of a specific business operations process.

Godex G500 Barcode Printer

They require the least amount of heat to transfer ink, but produce labels that are the least durable.

Here are some things to consider when choosing thermal transfer ribbons: The ribbons used in a thermal printer or barcode label printer are made of two basic materials: Thermal printer applications are found all over the business world. There are lasers and imagers that read these codes, and each has its own benefits. For printing barcodes, you can choose from a variety of codes and symbols, including: Barcodes are used on almost every product label and shipping label, and have thousands of other applications.


Godex is headquartered in Taiwan, but serves the entire globe with their full line of barcode label printing products. Because dot matrix printers cannot print bars with very sharp edges, they are not considered adequate for barcode printing, especially when compared to other printing options for barcodes. Plug-n-Play with any application that is running EPL.

GoDEX DT2x Direct Thermal Printer

Code UPC is a well known symbology used almost exclusively in the retail industry. Want to purchase now?

A barcode label can have many different applications. Direct thermal printing uses a chemically treated paper that turns black when heated under the print head. With Qlabel and a dedicated Godex thermal printer you can create a barcode for most any application.

Different symbologies are used for different purposes. Code 39 is much older and very simple, while code allows coding more data in a smaller barcode symbology. GoDEX has hundreds of value add resellers around the world who can support just about any barcoding requirement.

GoDex Thermal Transfer Printers

There are many different kinds of barcode printers that will enable you to print barcodes. A barcode reader can be connected into handheld devices or integrated with a desktop computer. Which in effect means, you use drag and drop, icon-based controls to design your barcode label on your computer screen. Other symbologies are designed to be used in a specific application. A thermal transfer printer is without a doubt the most popular technology for printing high quality barcode labels.


For example some symbologies can only be used for numbers, such as Code C. If you are unsure about choosing direct thermal or thermal transfer printing, your safe bet is to choose thermal transfer. Of course Godex invites you to use one of our thermal printers and free Windows based label design software, along godrx your existing PC for you to design and print barcodes.

There are three basic kinds of thermal transfer ribbons that you need to be aware of: Scan barcode for serial number input as need. Direct thermal papers and thermal transfer papers used for printing barcode labels are specially coated and processed so that their surface is very smooth, flat and white.

The G printwr introduces a product line for all your light to medium duty thermal transfer barcode printing applications. This barcode application technology is quite new, but makes tracking patients, monitoring medications and maintain accurate patient records much faster and much more accurate compared to traditional non-barcode based hospital information systems.