Solid Snake Action Figure. In Metal Gear Solid 2, Snake finds a wet box for hiding outside in the rain on the deck of a massive oil tanker, and Raiden stumbles across a box with the Zone of the Enders logo on it the hottest video game franchise in America, don’tcha know? Great articulation detail but the face detail doesn’t look as good. He also arrived super fast though no delivery or tracking was posted. He is the cutest Snake I ever did see! These are hardened soldiers, trained to be the best of the best, but they recognize the value of a good set of camouflage when they see it.

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Metal gear solid was truly one of the best games created, touching players physically, mentally, and most importantly, emotionally. He is not a bootleg which is a breath of fresh air! The scuplt on this thing is top notch. The cardboard box is there as a constant reminder that, when you play Metal Gear, you’re effectively involving yourself in a complex game of toy soldiers.

The arms are of course the least robust part of the Meryl figure. Revengence Raiden Action Figure.

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Konami licenses YS6 by Latok on Metal gear eumwx original soundtrack mp3 download metal. This isn’t the kind of toy you buy to play with, it’s a display piece.

The Christmas quiz. The best part is that, in the world of Metal Gear Solid, the cardboard box isn’t just a completely legitimate stealth strategy; its characters often recognize it as such, and encourage Snake to make good use of it. If only they knew the truth. Terrorists have taken over something or other, they’re armed to the teeth with assault rifles and grenades, you’re literally one mistake away from a nuclear holocaust – and gfar, here you are, sneaking past highly trained infantry in a box designed to ship fruit.


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These are hardened soldiers, trained to be the best of the best, but they recognize the value of a good set of camouflage when they see it. Of course, the game doesn’t tell you any of this, as you have to figure out its myriad uses for yourself.

I’m a collector for all the metal gear solid figures and she looks great. Medicom Ultra Detail Figure: He also arrived super fast though no delivery or tracking was posted.


Metal gear enclosure midi software

This fondness for the cardboard box goes back an entire generation, as Naked Snake discovers the warm, comforting embrace that comes from his newly discovered safe haven in MGS3. I can’t think of too many games that can feature a scene requiring you to point a directional mic at two villains as they discuss their successful abduction of a US president… which you can completely ignore to listen to an unfortunate man attempt to evacuate his bowels in a nearby restroom.

They’re regarded as the strange ones, close-minded in their approach to tactical espionage operations.

In this version some small changes to the lay-out of the program were made and the machine code was optimized. Raiden appears unconvinced on the merits of walking around wearing a box, until Lieutenant JG Iroquois Pliskin aka Solid Snake in obvious disguise espouses its benefits at great length.

I love looking at this hanging on my wall next to all my other MGS figures. Metal Gear Solid brought the cardboard cube into three-dimensions, showing a Solid Snake fully embracing his inner five-year-old, as he darts from cover to cover with his legs hilariously poking out of the bottom of the box.