It supports high quality Originally written by Stoparach on Audiofanzine FR. That works fine for general audio as well as providing a secondary monitoring facility for Sonar mixes. No, create an account now. All recording occurs with a crisp bit depth for maximum clarity. Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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The design of the unit is double-sided, with most of the potentiometers knobs and buttons on the front, and most of the jacks in the rear; a few, however, find themselves on the opposite side. So much for edirrol multi-track recording of your garage band, even though your PC can blaze through Half Life 2 in 5. Set up can get a little difficult depending on which DAW you are going to use it with.

Help With Edirol FA-101 Install

Sometimes, I also connect keyboards and other sound generators. All recording occurs with a crisp bit depth for maximum clarity.

If changes are made, click OK and restart the program. Then your sound cards output level, if it has a knob and i suspect yours does and your Studio monitors, if they have a knob.

It supports high quality Firstly, prepare yourself for a load of useful advice about what you can do with the Sound Blaster as soon as CJ wakes up. Compared to the recording quality on an SB Audigy 2, the FA has almost no noise or distortion; its outboard form factor keeps electrical noise and distortion low, unlike an internal PCI soundcard. For it to be a little device you would expect it to have two separate pre amps and for it to be able to support recording as well as playback on up to 10 different channels.


I’ll post back as soon as I get my PC from the shop. I recorded six tracks simultaneously has passed without problem. Ok guys, good news I think I opened Sonar up and opened one of the demo songs and the sound came through the Mackie’s.

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This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. I record track by track. Now is the time that you should run through the manual and carefully follow the tutorials for this stuff. I hear, read on Latency was good between 7 and 9 ms depending on the project.

Edirol FA | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Make sure it is set to the sample rate you intend to use. On the back of the interface, check the Sample Rate switch. Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated. Not having to always use the included power adapter makes the unit all the more tidy, especially considering how many wires might need to be used during a full-recording session.

One needs a soundcard that supports multi-track recording with ASIO drivers or an equivalent.


Roland Edirol Ua-101 USB Audio Interface Tracking Ship

Looking to promote your band? The firewire indicator light wdirol on the FA, as well as the power light. When using the the FA with a 6-pin-topin cable connected to a desktop machinethe FireWire bus itself provides enough power to run the whole unit. I’ll post back here as soon as I pick my PC up from the shop and try again.

If you think you plug a bass live forget, with an amp simulator software you get a little catch the disaster but the rest of the craft down 011 We then find the main attraction: The unit performed flawlessly after hours of non-stop recording. That’s me, but i like simplicity and less problems CJay, I went through all the taks you mentioed and completed them, but now I’m having another problem The preamps of my Edieol sound much better. But audio input is a different story with the mainstream PC.

The pramplis the Soundcraft do much better. With this type of hardware and software such as Adobe Audition, the computer is able to record simultaneous stereo channels. If you want to connect a direct instrument in go your way