It provides a wide selection of good quality drivers, but it may be desirable additionally to install one or more of the following: It is recommended that the printer not contain any spaces in its share name. Support for driverless printing with CUPS and cups-browsed is considerably extended in Debian 10 buster. Typically these will be domain credentials, but can also be local users on the print server. The Linux Foundation – www. Alternative Configuration Methods and Utilities system-config-printer is a printer administration tool which first appeared in Fedora and later in Debian and Ubuntu. As shown above, the pages value can be a single page, a range of pages, or a collection of page numbers and ranges separated by commas.

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Acceptance and rejection of jobs sent to a destination: Run hp-check -r to troubleshoot printing or scanning issues.

The Windows Features dialog will open. RLPR Remote line printer spooling system. AppSocket is almost always available on a network printer and other devices and requires printfr the IP address of the printer and a port number.

Debian — Details of package lpr in jessie

Specifies that the print file is already formatted for the destination and should be sent without filtering. This has been a long-term objective of the CUPS project for some time.

There are a variety of open source groups that have helped create a large number of printer drivers which support CUPS. A final option is download, compile and install the source code directly downloaded from www.


The simplest way to print in Linux is to cat a file to the printing device, like this:. It is largely the same as using the CUPS web interface for configuring printers but is a native application rather than a web page.

Command-Line Printing and Options

SystemPrinting last modified The Windows Dbeian name you will be authenticating against. The still commonly used traditional printing system is called lpr which works quite well if you have a postscript printer. It supports the Internet Printing Protocol IPPand has its own filtering driver model for handling various document types. Obtaining Linux Drivers Most distributions of Linux include a rich set of drivers, especially for common printers, dbeian printers that have been on the market for any substantial length of time.

Package: lpr (1:2008.05.17.1)

Was this page useful? The URL you will use should be: Installing a Printer via Windows Printer Sharing: Alternative Configuration Methods and Utilities system-config-printer is a printer pfinter tool which first appeared in Fedora and later in Debian and Ubuntu.

You should now be able to set up CUPS by directing any web browser to the address: Within this location Other network File and Print Services 2. Look first in the “Default” tab. This is a U niversal R esource I dentifier that is a string used to indicate the protocol, device, and other settings associated with a printer connection when using CUPS.


Selecting a driver will be your next step.

Otherwise, it is not very simple to set up and doesn’t provide much control for users on the printer settings per print job. Adding a USB printer is a common occurance and one should automatically be detected as a local printer and a URI Unified Resource Indicator for its connection displayed on the next page. The job-id is the number that was reported to you by the lp command. Copies are normally not collated for you.

Saved options are supported in CUPS through printer instances. About lpr lpr syntax lpr examples Related commands Linux and Unix commands help. Specifies that the print file should be formatted with a shaded header with the date, time, job name, and page number.

You can list them using the lpoptions 1 command:.

Also no document title will be available. If a second banner file is lpe, it is printed after the files in the job. You can also get the job ID using the lpq 1 or lpstat commands:. PDFs produced from PostScript files submitted to a queue generally do have these features; PDFs from text files do not because they are first filtered by texttopdf.