The Silverfast version I need is only somewhat more expensive than Vuescan. You can put several photos on the scanning bed, and it will correctly identify them as separate photos, individually crop them, and scan them into separate files. Isn’t this more expensive than buying Vuescan, if you aren’t already running XP? Some people have posted that the Nikon software works only if it’s re-installed after the OS is installed. You can run NikonScan under Windows 7 either x32 or x64 on all modern computers.

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Is it enough of a refresh to keep up with the times? Mon Mar 08, 6: Originally posted by dh I purchased this scanner back in ; 5 slides and film frames later it still chugs along faithfully. I’ve used the VueScan demo and it works very well with my slide scanner and seems to make good-quality fd.

The method that worked for me was some editing a mca file or something Both programs are available as demos, so it’s possible to test run both and see for yourself which one works the best for you. I want to warn people in advance so that they are not surprised by this potential problem.


These progressive image correction tools give scanner users more freedom in image manipulation, and help ensure super high-fidelity reproduction and highly efficient operation. I can point you to some example scans that I have uploaded on flickr if you’d like to see them before making a purchase.

OS X 10.6 Software for Nikon Coolscan V Slide Scanner?

You can run NikonScan under Windows 7 either x32 or x64 on all edd computers. Nadster Smack-Fu Master, in training Registered: Nikon’s website says that they don’t support running under After struggling with the software, I finally gave up and plugged the machine into an old Windows XP box that I have.

It actually worked voolscan an old, cheap Acer scanner I bought sometime in In our latest buying guide we’ve selected some cameras that while they’re a bit older, still offer a lot of bang for the buck.

Even when the CS does work, the color at least needs some custom settings. The best lenses for Sony mirrorless cameras.

Using Nikon Coolscan V ED With Newer Computers

Nikon’s macc software is pretty much junk. Silverfast has more options for fine tuning and the results seem to be superior. All forums Mac Talk Change forum. However, the dpi resolution and color correction makes up for this in small batches, and the scanner performs admirably for it’s conservative price.


It is THE coolest. The older Windows OS are actually a better choice for use on the control station. I was leaning toward Vuescan myself.

Nikon Coolscan V ED Film Scanner B&H Photo Video

Have you tried the latest Image Capture? Originally posted by jwbaker: Please coolscah me what exactly would be the incompatibility with a newer PC and what would be the work around that would enable somebody to be able to use it.

VueScan, on the eed hand, is brilliant. I guess Nikon Scan is officially not compatible. Some people have posted that the Nikon software works only if it’s re-installed after the OS is installed. Forum Parent First Previous Next. Tue Mar 16, 3: Nov 28, Posts: Auto slide feeder and film roll adaptor helps too. Plus, the other Digital ICE functions make for very interesting tweaks in the exposure.

Had to replace it.