Have you driven a Acura TL? The ride can feel a bit stiff over some of Toronto’s broken pavement, and wind and road noise make their way into the cabin though to be fair, my tester was fitted with aggressive winter tires. Remote fuel door release. However, despite these minor concerns, reviewers like the Acura TL and look forward to its continued development. Acura Forums forums, you must first register. As for Blizzaks, only a certain model is good. Though its power peak is fairly high up the rev range, the engine produces more than adequate torque from a standing start, and the six-speed manual transmission a five-speed automatic is available as an option makes it a pleasure to wring every last drop of performance out of the engine.

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Looks like an old man without teeth laughing. Page 1 of 2.

– Test Drive: Acura TSX – Acura Forum : Acura Forums

The engine also features dual counter-rotating balance shafts, and new camshafts. Really, it’s not hard to see why.

Tirerack and tires have online ratings on their tires. Aluminum and carbon-fiber dashboard trim. The CSX’s unique grille, fenders canadiandruver hood successfully establish a family resemblance between it and other Acuras especially the RSX, TSX and TLalthough it seems that Acura still hasn’t decided what specific grille it wants to stick with.


Find the models that are right for you using the Car Gurus Car Finder. Roof mounted side head curtain airbags. This one is quite nice and gives the car a definite Acura “look” from the front at least.

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Hankook W, General Altimax Arctic. As for brand, well, there are as many opinions on that as there are tires. Five-passenger luxury compact sedan Price: Hand Brake Leather Trim. Acura Forums forums, you must first register.

Leather-wrapped hand brake handle. Still like the older one.

Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Audi interiors were for a long time the benchmark for quality in the entry-luxury class; the TSX eclipses the A4 for overall finish, though its design is a bit more conservative. Canadiancriver do you guys think about that price? I’d argue, in fact, that some of the touches on the model, such as the chunky spokes on the alloy wheels or the deeper front bumper, actually seem a bit heavy-handed, and compromise some of the deftness of the original design.

But supporting a roof over such a low A-pillar angle Note that passwords are case-sensitive. New Delhi, India Posts: Despite a relatively high specific output – horsepower from 2. If you have, as you said, been a long time reader of this forum then you will know what to expect. A Q-rated winter tire will give you better traction in deep snow, but poorer handling characteristics vs.


Falken Eurowinter HS are pretty new, but are pretty inexpensive in it’s class. I have a acura Tl took to change the radiator when I went to pick it up the anti theft have engaged it won’t start I put in the key I turn the key to start the car it tries to start it would Nokian Tires are excellent but quite expensive.

I think we need to rehash the ratings. If you want a winter tire that closely performs to your 3-season tire ie. Proudly powered by E2E Networks. Front and rear floor mats. Additionally, a safety design in the front of the vehicle minimizes pedestrian injury by deforming upon impact.